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Treatment Development in Alzheimer's Disease-February 2020- Part 1

Episode Summary

In this episode, we cover half of the papers published in February 2020 in Alzheimer's disease, which we sorted under the "Treatments' Development" section. This is a two-part episode, and here, we cover new approaches and drug development done in vitro, research improving or repurposing existing drugs, as well as non pharmacological approaches and other interventions. This is a trial episode, so please let us know what you think by filling this survey:

Episode Notes

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List of sections in this episode:

  1. New approaches in drug development (1.45)
  2. Drug refinement & repurposing  (30.31)
  3. Non-pharmacological approaches/behavioral interventions (48.53)

In the next episode (part 2), you will hear about pre-clinical testing, which involves papers where at least one experiment was conducted on animals.  


This episode was curated and produced by a group of volunteers. As we work on producing full-length episodes on ALL the publications from June 2020, we would appreciate your feedback so we can better cater to your needs. 

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